【Xsplit】PTR 3.9.1912.0202 アップデート内容




Xsplit PTRとはPublic Test Releaseの略です。新しい機能やテスト機能を追加したXsplitの本体です




Public Test Release 3.9(Core 3.9.1912.0202)アップデート内容


Public Test Release 3.9(Core3.9.1912.0202)のリリースノートはこちらに記載されています

XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 (Core 3.9.1912.0202) Release Notes
XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 (Core 3.9.1912.0202) Release Notes


3.9.1912.0202 Release Notes (Public Test Release)

Features and improvements

  • T6355/T10495/T10497/T11197/T11473/T12065/T12354/T12419/T13879/T13983/T14206/T14816 - Unified login experience and other improvements
  • Also applied to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, & Mixer widgets (T13644/T13612/T13685/T13686/T13688)
  • T10362/XBC-6860 - In-app Support chat integration
  • T12274 - Browser component updates & fixes
  • T12819 - Add Easing options for scene presets
  • T13790/T13877/T13990 - Hotkey processing improvements
  • T14025 - Screen capture compatibility update
  • T14144 - AMD VCE updates
  • T14172/T14285/T14283 - QuickSync adjustments for compatibility & performance
  • T9761 - Stream Dashboard Extension
  • T14485 - Add transparency option to game source
  • T14706 - Updates to extensions (Macros, Scene Switcher, Per Scene Audio, & Audio Mixer)
  • T13164 - Add vertical/horizontal layout toggling (Audio Mixer)
  • T14259 - Add decay rate to audio meter animation (Audio Mixer)
  • T11326 - Add `on replay start/end` macro (Macros)
  • T12126 - Create action to manually control slideshows (media and image) (Macros)
  • T10673 - Per Scene Transitions / Transition Override
  • T10694 - Add support for video/image filters
  • T14129 - Updates to NDI integration
  • T14196 - Nvidia Encoder compatibility update
  • T14691 - Add option to "Hide XSplit from display capture" in General Settings
  • T10680 - Allow user to choose a scene for local recording
  • T11353 - Add Live Scene option for Scene source
  • T14571 - Improved GPU prioritization
  • T10553/T14302/T14537/T14212 - Improvements to screen capture
  • T13725 - Ability to import scenes from OBS
  • T13746 - Allow to delete stinger/luma transitions that are in use
  • T14314 - Expose Aspect Mode option in Video Encoding Setup of channel properties


  • T11097 - ADAPTERID is automatically duplicated and displayed as extra encoding parameter when NVENC is used
  • T14767 - Twitch Cheers Alert's properties window is loading forever
  • T14806 - Welcome screen texts are not translated when changing language
  • T14848 - Workspace mode and split view size may reset on restart
  • T12657 - Browser cache folders are created on Desktop
  • T13023 - Crash when loading a certain web page source
  • T13165 - "File in use" error message appears when editing a Luma transition
  • T13797 - Audio Visualizer's audio source dropdown is blank
  • T14505 - NullReferenceException may occur after logging in
  • T14777 - Some texts localization are untranslated on app restart
  • T14785/T14814 - NullReferenceException/SecurityException on login when running as non-admin
  • T14788 - Support Chat window issues in high DPI monitor
  • T14794 - Notification bar is cut in high DPI monitor
  • T14824 - CultureNotFoundException on startup
  • T13474 - Window Capture may not load in some cases
  • T13776 - Scene presets to have 500ms default transition time (For testing)
  • T14282 - Text fields and color pickers in source properties may require multiple clicks
  • T14338 - Incorrect notification message when receiving a file on Crisp chat
  • T14476 - Fix Facebook page live comments in In-game HUD
  • T14527 - Authentication window can be opened multiple times
  • T14630 - Login with YouTube may not work (if XSplit VCam is started first)
  • T14535 - Microsoft sign in page on Mixer popup is small
  • T10045/XBC-6717 - Hotkey combination bound to mouse button may not trigger the corresponding hotkey in the app
  • T10492 - Twitch channel requires user to re-auth after a few hours
  • T10634/T13936 - Stability fixes
  • T10202 - Audio desync on XSplit NDI source from NDI stream from a different application (For verification)
  • T11606 - Extreme pixelation on video playback after resuming Local Recording
  • T12822 - Drop downs in source properties sometimes require multiple clicks
  • T13651/T13820 - Various In-game HUD fixes
  • T13667 - Renamed scenes may not be reflected in the Tools > Settings > Hotkeys tab
  • T13714 - YouTube Live pre-stream dialog: Extra scrollbars are displayed for Tags
  • T13826 - YouTube login does not stick on restart
  • T13883 - Green line on some camera source in GPU processing mode
  • T13911 - Game crash or distorted rendering upon resizing game window while In-Game HUD is enabled (For verification)
  • T13917 - Push-to-talk hotkey bound to a single key (no modifier) does not work on app start
  • T14270 - Audio dropdown list in Settings may show up empty
  • T14119 - XSplit Express Video Editor installation may not be detected











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