【Xsplit】正式版(安定版) 3.9.1912.1002 アップデート内容





掲載期間 2022年3月22日(火)~2022年4月30日(土)





XSplit Broadcaster(正式版) 3.9(Core 3.9.1912.1002)のアップデート内容


XSplit Broadcaster 3.9(Core 3.9.1912.1002)リリースノートはこちらに記載されています

XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 (Core 3.9.1912.1002) Release Notes
XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 (Core 3.9.1912.1002) Release Notes


3.9.1912.1002(正式版) Release Notes

Features and improvements

  • T6355/T10495/T10497/T11197/T11473/T12065/T12354/T12419/T13879/T13983/T14206/T14816 - Unified login experience and other improvements
  • Also applied to Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, & Mixer widgets (T13644/T13612/T13685/T13686/T13688)
  • T10362/XBC-6860 - In-app Support chat integration
  • T12274 - Browser component updates & fixes
  • T12819 - Add Easing options for scene presets
  • T13790/T13877/T13990 - Hotkey processing improvements
  • T14025 - Screen capture compatibility update
  • T14144 - AMD VCE updates
  • T14172/T14285/T14283/T14183 - QuickSync adjustments for compatibility & performance
  • T9761 - Stream Dashboard Extension
  • T14485 - Add transparency option to game source

  • T14706 - Updates to extensions (Macros, Scene Switcher, Per Scene Audio, & Audio Mixer)
  • T13164 - Add vertical/horizontal layout toggling (Audio Mixer)
  • T14259 - Add decay rate to audio meter animation (Audio Mixer)
  • T11326 - Add `on replay start/end` macro (Macros)
  • T12126 - Create action to manually control slideshows (media and image) (Macros)
  • T10673 - Per Scene Transitions / Transition Override

  • T10694 - Add support for video/image filters
  • T14129 - Updates to NDI integration
  • T14196 - Nvidia Encoder compatibility update
  • T14691 - Add option to "Hide XSplit from display capture" in General Settings
  • T10680 - Allow user to choose a scene for local recording
  • T11353 - Add Live Scene option for Scene source
  • T14571 - Improved GPU prioritization
  • T10553/T14302/T14537/T14212 - Improvements to screen capture
  • T13725 - Ability to import scenes from OBS
  • T13746 - Allow to delete stinger/luma transitions that are in use
  • T14314 - Expose Aspect Mode option in Video Encoding Setup of channel properties
  • T10686 - Update Mixer output plugin video bitrate cap


  • T11097 - ADAPTERID is automatically duplicated and displayed as extra encoding parameter when NVENC is used
  • T14767 - Twitch Cheers Alert's properties window is loading forever
  • T14806 - Welcome screen texts are not translated when changing language
  • T14848 - Workspace mode and split view size may reset on restart
  • T12657 - Browser cache folders are created on Desktop
  • T13023 - Crash when loading a certain web page source
  • T13165 - "File in use" error message appears when editing a Luma transition (For verification)
  • T13797 - Audio Visualizer's audio source dropdown is blank (For verification)
  • T14505 - NullReferenceException may occur after logging in
  • T14777 - Some texts localization are untranslated on app restart
  • T14785/T14814 - NullReferenceException/SecurityException on login when running as non-admin
  • T14788 - Support Chat window issues in high DPI monitor
  • T14794 - Notification bar is cut in high DPI monitor
  • T14824 - CultureNotFoundException on startup
  • T13474 - Window Capture may not load in some cases
  • T13776 - Scene presets to have 500ms default transition time (For testing)
  • T14282 - Text fields and color pickers in source properties may require multiple clicks
  • T14476 - Fix Facebook page live comments in In-game HUD
  • T14527 - Authentication window can be opened multiple times
  • T14630 - Login with YouTube may not work (if XSplit VCam is started first)
  • T14535 - Microsoft sign in page on Mixer popup is small
  • T10045/XBC-6717 - Hotkey combination bound to mouse button may not trigger the corresponding hotkey in the app
  • T10492 - Twitch channel requires user to re-auth after a few hours
  • T10634/T13936 - Stability fixes
  • T10202 - Audio desync on XSplit NDI source from NDI stream from a different application
  • T11606 - Extreme pixelation on video playback after resuming Local Recording
  • T12822 - Drop downs in source properties sometimes require multiple clicks
  • T13651/T13820 - Various In-game HUD fixes
  • T13667 - Renamed scenes may not be reflected in the Tools > Settings > Hotkeys tab
  • T13714 - YouTube Live pre-stream dialog: Extra scrollbars are displayed for Tags
  • T13826 - YouTube login does not stick on restart
  • T13883 - Green line on some camera source in GPU processing mode
  • T13911 - Game crash or distorted rendering upon resizing game window while In-Game HUD is enabled (For verification)
  • T13917 - Push-to-talk hotkey bound to a single key (no modifier) does not work on app start
  • T14270 - Audio dropdown list in Settings may show up empty
  • T14119 - XSplit Express Video Editor installation may not be detected
  • T14968 - Fixes to YouTube widgets (YouTube Live Chat Viewer, YouTube Live Alerts, & YouTube Super Chat)
  • T14911 - ArgumentNullException in starting with a new presentation
  • T14890 - NotImplementedException on closing extension window
  • T14862 - Some items on Tools and Help menu stay Korean even when changing to different language
  • T14865 - Localization flag does not update after changing language

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